Springer Gossypol

The search for a reversible male contraceptive has centered upon the suppression of sperm production or motility. Gossypol, a natural substance extracted from cotton plant, appears to cause both of these effects. Its ability to reduce sp


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University of Chicago Press SuperVision

We live in a surveillance society. Anyone who uses a credit card, cell phone, or even search engines to navigate the Web is being monitored and assessed often in ways that are imperceptible to us. The first general introduction to growing


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Davis Assisted Living

I wrote this book for the person whose loved one requires additional assistance in searching a place to live out their golden years. Whether they are your parent, partner, or sibling, know that you're not alone in search. This will b


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Routledge Socialbots and Their Friends

Many users of the Internet are aware of bots: automated programs that work behind scenes to come up with search suggestions, check weather, filter emails, or clean up Wikipedia entries. More recently, a new software robot has been making i


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Springer The Search for Certainty

Who are we? What How do we fit into the world? Or universe? These and other questions pertaining to ourselves environ ment as compelling to us today as they were to primitive ancestors. Throughout history we h


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Palgrave Macmillan The English Countryside

This collection of essays examines representations of the English countryside and its mutations, what they reveal about a nation's, communities' or individuals' search for identity fear of losing it. Based on a pluridisciplinary approach


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Policy Press Changing communities

Issues of displacement and dispossession have become defining characteristics of a globalised 21st century. People are moving within across national borders, whether displaced, relocated or in search of better livelihoods. This book bri


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Pluto Press Compensation to Palestinian Refugees and the Search for Israeli

One of the core aspects of Palestinian refugee question is that of compensation or reparations for refugees forcibly displaced by establishment of Israel. The Nakba saw displacement of 85% of Arab pop


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Springer Decision Tools for Radiation Oncology

A look at the recent oncology literature or a search of common databases reveals a steadily increasing number of nomograms and other prognostic models. These may predict risk of relapse, lymphatic spread of a given malignancy, toxic


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Routledge Developments in Israeli Public Administration

The "Israeli History, Politics and Society" series comprises multidisciplinary studies that range from elections the Yom Kippur war to search for a true identity various initiatives to foment or prevent peace


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